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Why Choose an Industrial Checkweigher?

Industrial Checkweighers are dynamic weighing systems designed to weigh products in motion. With the use of strain gauge or digital load cells individual products can be weighed many thousand times a second by modern processors. This information can then be filtered and adjusted with known dynamic offsets to give accurate readings of product weights down to +/- 0.1g. 

SNB design and build our own bespoke Checkweigher Systems from high quality sourced components and modern touch screen processors. We use the leading suppliers of conveyor belting and motors for enhanced performance and efficiency. Our weigh platforms remain as light as possible without detriment to strength in order to give the maximum remaining range on the chosen load cells. 

We have industry experienced CAD Engineers that will design your conveyor belt platforms, framework and all other parts specified such as reject systems and guarding. SNB conveyor support frames are manufactured with 3mm wall stainless steel for strength and stability. This increases the performance of your Checkweigher because it offers more stability and less undesired movements of your product whilst in motion. 

New Checkweighers can have any of the following reject systems; Air Blast, Air Kicker, Retract Band, Reject Flap, Diverter Paddle, Overhead Sweep Arm – dual or one shot. Furthermore if your product or application has a delicate nature or complex handling requirement SNB design and build bespoke product handling systems to suit your requirements.

We understand that every Checkweigher enquiry is unique depending on the product range and its environment, which is why we will talk you through and give advice on the best options available, explaining advantages and disadvantages of each.

All SNB Checkweighers are designed and built in-house at our manufacturing facility in Leeds. Key components such as the electrical enclosures are built at our Luton Electrical Works facility, whilst the precision engineered aluminium frameworks are manufactured at our CNC workshops in Bathgate.

Key Features of SNB Checkweighing Systems

  • Increased Checkweighing performance
  • Stronger, stable conveyor Systems – less movement – excellent immunity from vibration
  • Easy to use operation
  • Choice of reject options/ or custom made
  • Variable speed as standard
  • Spare parts easily available at short lead times
  • Penko process control units with colour touch screen controls
  • Data capture software and remote support available
  • Compact footprint
  • Any height/ any size/ any length



The Benefits of SNB Checkweighers

Our customers choose SNB to build their new and bespoke checkweighers. There are a variety of benefits to purchasing an SNB checkweigher:

  • Accurately and consistently checks the weight across all your products
  • Ensures product quality by rejecting under/overweight product
  • Reduces product giveaway
  • Integrated data capture tracks productions productivity levels
  • Helps customers comply to relevant Codes Of Practices

All SNB Checkweighers come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty for labour and parts. After delivery and commissioning, you will also receive manuals and a certification of calibration.

Rental Checkweighing Systems

Need a Checkweigher Rental unit quickly? SNB have a variety of checkweighers with different weigh platform sizes and rejection systems to choose from. So we can select the best checkweigher for your products, we will need to know the following:

  • Product Dimensions (Largest Weight and LxWxH)
  • Your required packs per minute (ex. 50ppm)
  • Any Codes of Practices

Customers that are able to provide sample products before delivery of their rental checkweigher can achieve the best accuracies. When an SNB checkweigher is delivered and commissioned on site, our engineers are able to train the operators to get the best out of the checkweigher.


For more information on SNB Checkweighers please contact a member of our Sales Team on 01977 68955 or email snb@metaldetector-rentals.co.uk