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SNB Electronic Services Limited work in partnership with UK suppliers of X-Ray Inspection Equipment.

The use of X-Ray Equipment within the food industry is generally on the finished product and offers final end of line inspection. X-Ray technology can detect contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, bone and some plastics. Whilst checking for contaminants this type of Inspection Equipment can also check for some product anomalies such as missing or broken items, fill levels and product count.

Services offered by SNB to our customers on X-Ray Inspection Equipment

  • Advice to customers considering the use of X-Ray technology
  • HSE notification (SNB X-Ray RPA Safety Statement)
  • Product testing including a detailed report showing results
  • Specifications to meet your application requirements
  • Calibration, service and repairs
  • Hire equipment
  • Product rework - either at your site or off site at a dedicated facility


If you like more information please contact our Sales Team for more information on X-Ray Systems, products, calibrations and services