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SNB Electronic Services Limited work in partnership with UK suppliers of X-Ray Inspection Equipment.

The use of X-Ray Equipment within the food industry is generally on the finished product and offers final end of line inspection. X-Ray technology can detect contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, bone and some plastics. Whilst checking for contaminants this type of Inspection Equipment can also check for some product anomalies such as missing or broken items, fill levels and product count.

Services offered by SNB to our customers on X-Ray Inspection Equipment

  • Advice to customers considering the use of X-Ray technology
  • HSE notification (SNB X-Ray RPA Safety Statement)
  • Product testing including a detailed report showing results
  • Specifications to meet your application requirements
  • Calibration, service and repairs
  • Hire equipment
  • Product rework - either at your site or off site at a dedicated facility

X-Ray Advice

Making the step from metal detection and checkweighing to X-Ray can seem like large change. Our SNB sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding rental or new X-Ray units.

Product Testing

Customers that are able to send across sample products can be advised of guideline sensitivities that can be achieved by the system.

Specifications Meeting Requirements

SNB aim to help all manufacturers meet any specifications. Whether you have retailer requirements or your production is looking to improve on the contaminations found, SNB can help.

Calibration Services & Repairs X-Ray

SNB engineers are trained to conduct calibrations, services and repairs on X-Ray units. If you would like to book an engineer, please call 01977 689555 or email snb@metaldetector-rentals.co.uk

Hire Equipment

SNB have an extensive stock of inspection equipment ready for manufacturers to hire. Customers new and existing can enquire about rental X-Rays by getting in touch via email or 01977 689555.

What is the difference between Metal Detectors and X-Rays?

The main difference between the two is X-Ray units can detect non-metallic contaminants as well as metal. These non-metallic components that can possibly be detected are bone, glass, stone, certain plastics and ceramics. X-Rays can also detect the metals a metal detector can (ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel).

Purchasing A New System

Purchasing an X-Ray system from SNB could not be easier. To quote accordingly, SNB will require information regarding your manufacturing requirements and the products that are needing to be tested. For those that do purchase a new system on delivery day, one of our experienced engineers will attend site to deliver and commission the unit. The system will come with the following:

  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty parts and labour
  • Test pieces with Certificates of Conformity
  • Instruction manual and documentation
  • Calibration Certificate following commissioning

Reasons Why Manufacturers invest in X-Ray Inspection

  1.  1) Beneficial as X-Rays help to achieve compliance requirements
  2.  2) Able to detect non-metallic components as well as different metals
  3.  3) Ensures compliance to any HACCP or other retailer quality standards
  4.  4) Can help identify if a product is missing parts/broken
  5.  5) Production lines can be set to higher speeds

If you like more information please contact our Sales Team for more information on X-Ray Systems, products, calibrations and services